Jungle Peanut Cashew Cups with Hunza Raisins VEGAN 2 Cups/Pack 2.2 oz

Jungle Peanut Cashew Cups with Hunza Raisins

Vegan Gluten Free No White Sugar No Soy 

Jungle Peanuts are wild heirloom peanuts found deep in the Amazon Basin.They are organic and have characteristic striations on the skin. Being  moist and naturally creamy they lend themselves well with our version of a peanut butter cup. We use quite a bit of Balinese raw cacao butter and powder for the dipped chocolate portion of  our Peanut Cups.  Balinese raw cacao has a naturally occurring earthy essence and we feel this only enhances the bold flavor of the cups. There is a scant bit of nutmeg and cumin,coupled with golden hunza raisins and raw cashew butter.

Ingredients: Raw Organic Cacao Butter, Raw Organic Jungle Peanuts, Organic Raisins, Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Raw Organic Cashew Butter, Raw Organic Cacao Powder, Raw Organic Cacao Paste, Raw Organic Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Beans, Himalayan Salt, Cumin, Nutmeg.