Chocolate Dipped Sundried Bananas Walnuts VEGAN 5 oz.

 All we can say about these is...Yummy! The maple flavor of these hearty walnuts with chocolate and bananas is the perfect accompaniment to fresh almond milk, black tea, or (don't laugh) cut up on a sandwich with a little cashew butter!! To ensure easy digestion and make the healthful nutrients and fats in the walnuts readily available, we soak, rinse and then dry the walnuts. The bananas are of the Ecuadorian Banano Orito heirloom variety, grown by small organic farmers in the northern reaches of the Amazon Rainforest, where traditional and sustainable farming methods have developed over generations. These Orito Bananas are vine ripened, sun dried, and half the size of their more familiar cousins to maximize their nutrient density and rich flavor.  Store in a cool dry place or refrigerate.