CaraMaca Vegan/Paleo/Primal Friendly 2.4oz

2 BonBons/Pack 2.4 oz

 Amai Raw Chocolate is made from scratch using a base of different byproducts of organic cacao By avoiding excessive heat and procesing  the natural health benefits of the cacao bean remain available. Bold and rich, these vegan dipped raw chocolate bonbons are stuffed with a pate comprised of pine nuts (domestic), mulberries, dates, raw cashew butter, maca, vanilla bean, and coconut nectar. This vegan caramel is reminiscent of "butter and maple syrup"! This is a "burster"(just bursting with flavor)!  Pairs well with sparkling mineral water, a light or astringent tea and of! Maca a member of the radish family, is considered a "superfood" and has been used (dating back to the 16th century) for its health-promoting properties. CaraMaca is most definetely Paleo Friendly! Ingredients: Chocolate Raw Cacao Butter*, Raw Cacao Powder*,Coconut Palm Sugar*, Vanilla Bean (Wildcrafted), Himalayan Salt, Filling Pine Nuts (Domestic), Dried Mulberries*, Dates*, Raw Cashew Butter*, Raw Coconut Nectar*, Maca* Vanilla Bean (Wildcrafted), Himalayan Salt   *Indicates Organic

2 bonbons/pack