CaraMaca Vegan/Paleo/Primal Friendly 2.4oz

2 BonBons/Pack 2.4 oz

 Amai Raw Chocolate is made from scratch using a base of different byproducts of organic cacao By avoiding excessive heat and procesing  the natural health benefits of the cacao bean remain available. Bold and rich, these vegan 80% cacao, handcrafted chocolate bonbons are stuffed with a unique blend of pine nuts (domestic), mulberries, dates, raw cashew butter, maca, vanilla bean, and coconut nectar.  This is a "burster"(just bursting with flavor)!  Pairs well with sparkling mineral water, a light or astringent tea and of! Maca a member of the radish family, is considered a "superfood" and has been used (dating back to the 16th century) for its health-promoting properties. CaraMaca is most definetely Paleo Friendly! Ingredients: Chocolate Raw Cacao Butter*, Raw Cacao Powder* Cacao Nibs*Coconut Palm Sugar*, Vanilla Bean (Wildcrafted), Himalayan Salt, Filling Pine Nuts (Domestic), Dried Mulberries*, Dates*, Raw Cashew Butter*, Raw Coconut Nectar*, Maca* Vanilla Bean (Wildcrafted), Himalayan Salt   *Indicates Organic

2 bonbons/pack