Potent is the most descriptive word to convey the essence of Amai Raw Chocolate, a truly handcrafted creation. Being hearty and elegant this vegan chocolate is also intelligent. Intelligent may sound like an inappropriate use of the  word in describing chocolate but it is offered to you, with great care consideration and respect for growing and trading practices and years of experience in choosing the raw ingredients. Anyone who enjoys our offerings has an appreciation for all the qualities mentioned above therefore they are brilliantly intelligent!! The percentage of raw cacao in the chocolate portion of our dipped chocolate varieties and "chocolate by the ounce" is 77%.

 The chocolate is made from scratch from raw cacao versus processed roasted cocoa. Often, chocolate sold commercially (organic or otherwise) is derived from a pre-made chocolate that is melted and different elements are added to make that chocolate product unique to its manufacturer. On the other hand, AmaiRaw Chocolate is made “from scratch” utilizing raw cacao butter, raw cacao powder, raw cacao nibs, wildcrafted vanilla bean and a host of  other superior organic whole berries, seeds, nuts, spices and super-foods to create these one of a kind, bold intense treats.   Why raw cacao? The main point of differentiation is that regular beans are roasted under high heat.  As part of the roasting process they lose some of their valuable nutritional content in exchange for opening up the flavor that we most associate with chocolate.  Our raw cacao is not roasted, nor is it exposed to harsh chemicals and alkalizing agents.  It is fermented for four days (or so) to bring out some of the flavor.  It maintains its nutritional density because it is not subjected to the same high heat as traditional/ commercial chocolates. Also, most traditional/commercial chocolate is made from beans that are farmed in Africa.  The land and farming practices are not conducive to high nutritional value but rather to maximum yield.  Cacao grown in regions like Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic do not come from farms that are so heavily managed for yield.  They are allowed to mature naturally and that makes a huge difference in the nutritional value as well.  Better soil and more time to draw nutrients make a big difference. The difference in taste and texture between raw cacao powder and cocoa is evident from the first bite.  We also utilize the highest quality raw cacao butter and powder from Bali. Balinese cacao has a naturally occurring sweet smoky essence.   Because we don't use grain of any kind our chocolates are naturally gluten free. In addition we have painstakingly made sure all sources of our raw ingredients are gluten free.  Amai Raw Chocolate contains no soy. Our preferred choice of sweetener is raw coconut palm sugar.  We recommend refrigeration or store in a cool dry place.  For the most optimal chocolate experience..let the treats sit at room temperature for ten minutes or so before eating.(if you can wait)

We cater to non vegans as well, one must simply demand outstanding superior ingredients to appreciate Amai Raw Chocolate.