Brackers!™ are a healthy nutrient dense alternative to crackers chips and bread. They are simply dried (not baked not fried) "crackers" that are made up of seeds,vegetables, fruits, herbs and spices.  They are vegan and do not contain any grain (or gluten) soy, oils, nuts or sugar.  Brackers!™ came out of my desire to have a crunchy satisfying and versatile food that would not slow me down, make me sluggish or pack the pounds while providing solid nutrition.  Each variety of Brackers!™ is a unique blend of potent flavors derived from the varieties of seeds,spices, and herbs.  We have not found any other (seemingly) similar products that even remotely compare to Brackers!  Brackers! can be eaten as a snack or used as a cracker for any number of spreads, pate, guacamole and beyond!  With the exception of nutritional yeast (GF) in two  varieties of Brackers!™ all ingredients are organic. Tostada and Cardamom Kissed Brackers!™ are paleo friendly!

The process of (hand) making a batch of Brackers!™ is about four days long from start to finish.  Organic seeds are soaked rinsed and sprouted before any other ingredients are introduced..As far as nutrients go, a sprouted seed is one of the highest forms of living food one can eat..Raw seeds combined with water and air start to "give forth life" in other words "aliveness". Digestion and absorption of nutrients is increased by soaking and sprouting.  Unlike a raw dry seed,sprouted seeds are vastly superior in every way. 

Once the soaking and sprouting process is complete we introduce all the other elements of spices,dried tomatoes, dried figs, sun dried coconut and fresh vegetables and fruits and filtered water. We spread on sheets in dehydrators that introduce and circulate consistent warm air throughout the trays and over the course of 24-36 hours the excess moisture evaporates and the seeds and other ingredients adhere to one another until they are crunchy and dry. So basically we have left all the nutrients intact without baking, frying,boiling or in other words, destroying them with excessive heat...

The flax seed in Brackers!™ play a lesser role than the other dominant sesame seeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds (Oregon)  We do not use sprouted buckwheat which we consider a substandard  "filler" often seen in other similar products.  Because we use so many deep rich and bold herbs and spices there is little need to use salt in which case we use Himalayan Salt.