We consistently desire to bring people, the highest quality organic raw ingredients, in any of the products we offer. 

Amai Health Products Inc.was formed in 1999 by, Janice Morris, a registered nurse and 4th generation Californian. The initial product offered by Amai Health Products Inc is Super Stevia, ( Super Stevia is a no calorie, no chemical plant based alternative sweetener.  Super Stevia is the "go to" replacement for the pink blue and yellow packets.  Long before stevia gained national attention Janice was promoting Super Stevia to Whole Foods and other health food stores.  To this day there is no lighter, cleaner tasting stevia available than Super Stevia 

  Long ago, Janice abandoned the operating room for the prep kitchen. "I am happier and more useful in the kitchen".  Introduced  to the world of raw vegan cuisine (and infinite possibilities) in the 1990's Janice has been creating one form or another of nutrient rich bountiful and delicious raw food ever since. For years Janice made and delivered fresh pressed organic juices to private clients and catered events.  The alchemy of chocolate and the use of high quality raw vegan ingredients has proven to be especially satisfying 

" I love making the creations offered on this site.  I am in my own little world and am so grateful when folks buy my products, cause that means I get to make more!  It tickles me to know, there are folks all over the place eating and (I trust) enjoying my goodies".