Creamy Coconut Bars VEGAN 3 Bars/Pack 3.0oz

Vegan, Gluten Free, No Soy, No White Sugar 3 Bars/Pack 3.0oz

Our dipped raw chocolate bars with a creamy blend of three different by products of organic raw coconut. Combined with the creamy coconut is vanilla bean and a faint amount of ginger and high quality truly raw agave. As with all Amai Raw Chocolate, these bars are handcrafted, one bar at a time, by Janice Morris. They are quickly becoming the most popular variety of Amai Raw Chocolate. They are so good, so so good! Three individually wrapped bars per pack. Best if refrigerated but always best eaten at room temp. 

 Chocolate Raw Cacao Butter *Raw Cacao Powder*Coconut Palm Sugar* Vanilla Bean (Wildcrafted) Himalayan Salt Filling Coconut Raw Dried Coconut*Raw Coconut Butter* *Raw Coconut Oil*Raw Agave* Vanilla Bean (Wildcrafted) Ginger* Himalayan Salt 

*Indicates Organic         3.0 oz