Chocolate Dipped Sundried Bananas Jungle Peanuts VEGAN 5 oz.

These chocolate dipped bananas are "fun food" for sure. Of course the chocolate is classic Amai Raw handcrafted chocolate derived from raw cacao. The banana spears are dense moist and chewy. They are great for kids, or when you are on the go and can use the readily available natural sugar of the banana while still enjoying a bit of chocolate. They are fun to cut up and use as a filler or topping for your favorite ice cream or yogurt or believe it or not, on a peanut butter sandwich! The bananas are of the Ecuadorian Banano Orito heirloom variety, grown by small organic farmers in the northern reaches of the Amazon Rainforest, where traditional and sustainable farming methods have developed over generations. These Orito Bananas are vine ripened, sun dried, and half the size of their more familiar cousins to maximize their nutrient density and rich flavor.Jungle peanuts are an heirloom variety from deep within the Amazon basin. They are moist and have characteristic striations on the skin. Each bag has 4-5 dipped bananas..Store in a cool dry place or in the fridge.