Artisan Chocolate

 Amai Raw is a haute chocolate.  We invite you to experience the true nature of what chocolate is meant to taste like and the experience you will surely have by eating Amai Raw. All Amai Raw Chocolates are made from scratch utilizing the highest quality raw organic  ingredients. All chocolates are organic coconut sugar sweetened as well as incorporating vanilla bean. These intense gourmet handcrafted chocolate creations are made in small batches.  A small batch in Amai Raw terms means no  more than 60 pieces are created at at time. Along with the chocolate itself, the one of a kind fillings were created by Janice and each piece is made by Janice, one piece at a time. The meaning of handcrafted and artisan has never been more true! You will be hard pressed to find chocolate that is as fresh and fresh tasting! Raw Cacao creates a completely different chocolate than most people are accustomed to, so getting ready for a new adventure!

All Amai Raw Chocolate is free of soy, gluten, grain and of course, being vegan, dairy free.