Brackers!™ Tostada Vegan/Paleo/Primal Friendly 4.7oz.


Tostada Brackers! are packed full of everything wonderful associated with mexican food without the (spicy)heat. There is no flour no grain no oil and no nuts..We source raw organic pumpkin seeds from Oregon (they are huge) mixed with sprouted sunflower seeds, mexican herbs and spices,dried tomato, red bell pepper and fresh cilantro along with an array of herbs and spices. Tostada Brackers! are hearty and "earthy"  in every sense of the word! They are super crunchy. Dust the crumbs at the bottom of the bag over soups or salads! Pairs well with beer, avocado, olives, and cashew butter.  Brackers! are dried,never baked.

Gluten Free Grain Free No Soy No Nuts No Oil VEGAN     Organic Ingredients

  4.7 oz