Brackers!™Sundried Tomato Chili Chipotle with Corn VEGAN 4.7 oz


This, like other Brackers! is a sprouted seed cracker.  It has no grain, simply seeds vegetables fruits and herbs.  Brackers! are not baked, but rather air dried at low temperatures for a day or two.  The inherent nutrients remain intact as they are not being burnt by high levels of heat in a typical oven. As with all Brackers! this variety is crunchy!

If you like the smokiness and heat of chipotle you will love this variety of Brackers! Spicy and sweet is what Chipotle Brackers! are all  about. Initially there is a heat/sweet profile.   Chewy and Yummy!! Sprouted sunflower seeds are the dominant seed with corn, raisins and dried tomato . Pairs well with beer, cheddar cheese, avocado, and really good dusted over soup, particularly a corn tortilla soup.

Gluten Free Grain Free No Soy No Nuts No Oil VEGAN Organic Ingredients

 4.7 oz.