Preemptive Damage Control For The Holidays

Here we are again, the "eating" season. Typically holiday food is rich salty and dense.  So what to do?  Avoid parties? No! Eat before you go to the eating event? No! Or how about this one, fast all day long so you can pack it all in seemingly with impunity? No! No!

I suggest "carbing up" with fruit before the big meal.  Satiating and satisfying ones carbohydrate requirements tames the ravenous beast  Fruit is nature's fast food, easy to digest, readily available carbohydrate (our brains function on glucose) and easy to get in most situations. Fruit should be an appetizer not a desert. If one eat's fruit as a desert after consuming animal products, potatoes, in other words dense cooked food, the fruit "get's stuck" so to speak and causes indigestion and fermentation in the gut.  Fruit is best consumed on an empty stomach or in combination with raw tender greens (spring mix, spinach, celery, cucumber, tomato) . Fill up on fruit and watering vegetables, then progress to more dense choices.

All bodies run on carbohydrate first and foremost.  Low carb diets (like Atkins) required the body, in the absence of carbohydrate, to "break down" fat and sometimes protein into the primary energy source, carbohydrate.  This is not natural and can be effort filled for the body. 

As a former operating room nurse, the first IV bag hung is glucose, not fat, not protein

So back to the seasonal food fest, eat fruit first, don't starve yourself ahead of the event and stick with real food. And above all else, have a good time!!!

Written by Janice Morris — November 07, 2013

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate for Kids Parties, Snacks and Beyond!

The kiddies love a lot Amai Raw Chocolate products, particularly our Chocolate Dipped Sun Dried Bananas!  All Amai Raw Chocolate and Brackers! are gluten and grain free, soy free and no white sugar! Just real food dressed up and ready for any occasion!  Our chocolate dipped bananas are great cut up into pieces (they are banana spears) for a healthy finger food, or dipped into ice cream, sorbet, or frozen yogurt.  

Amai Raw Gogi Berry Fudge, being dense and rich, can be used to enhance any smoothie.  Simply cut up a piece of Gogi Fudge and drop in the blender.  Your smoothie will take on a creamy buoyant consistency. 


Written by Janice Morris — November 06, 2013

"You Can't Hurry Love"

Wait, isn't that a famous Diana Ross and the Supremes song (or more recently remade by Phil Collins)?  Yes, but it also describes making Amai Raw Chocolates. Our chocolate products are  made From Scratch With Love and the process cannot be rushed.
 While melting the raw cacao butter and raw cacao paste, it is essential to be patient and not try and hurry things along by increasing the heat.  Since melting is done in dehyrdrators typically not exceeding 110 degrees, it takes a while to melt the raw butter and paste into a liquid.  Since Love goes into the making of all Amai Raw Chocolates and since we hope You love our creations, I often think about the song "You Can't Hurry Love" while waiting for the butter to melt!

Written by Janice Morris — September 27, 2013

Williams Sonoma Walnut Creek CA April 27

Lucky Amai Raw!! We will once again be participating at the gorgeous Williams-Sonoma (aren't they all?) Walnut Creek CA April 27 12-4 for Artisan Day.  Sampling and selling galore!

Written by Janice Morris — April 10, 2013

Luxurious Food

Above all else the single most definitive motto and  premise in the creation of any AmaiRaw product is 

Taste Quality Health

Written by Janice Morris — March 30, 2013

Amai Raw Chocolate Candy or Food?

Often when out and about at different venues, when I speak to customers face to face, they often refer to Amai Raw Chocolate as "candy". My immediate reaction is well, not really.  I guess candy in the sense of a treat or something delicious to eat, reserved, perhaps, for a special occasion, but truthfully, many customers (myself included here) eat Amai Raw Chocolate as part of their daily diet. If I want sustained energy all I have to do is eat a Sundried Chocolate Dipped Banana (or two or three) or a CaraMaca and I can go for hours!  Amai Raw Chocolate is whole food in every sense of the word. I can't live on "candy" but I sure go the distance with Amai Raw.  These creations were meant to utilize and convert the cacao bean into a deliciously palatable "superfood" in every sense of the word.

Written by Janice Morris — March 13, 2013

Ideas for a new variety of Amai Raw Chocolate

As an artisan who delights in creating new and different varieties of Amai Raw Chocolate, I am starting to feel the need to create another new variety. I have plenty of ideas, but would like to hear from others. 

You can post your requests, ideas on Twitter @AmaiRaw 

Some ideas might be a bar with different elements. Or perhaps another type of fudge, or even a "White Chocolate" fudge that of course is vegan so the "white" of the end product would be raw cashews.  A few folks have requested a bar made with stevia as a sweetener. 

Feel free to contribute your ideas!!!

Written by Janice Morris — March 10, 2013

Thank You UltimateChocolateBlog!

Thank You for the mention of AmaiRaw Chocolate as an American source of raw chocolate! Of course AmaiRaw never contains any form of soy or  lecithin.

My mission is not necessarily and exclusively to promote AmaiRaw as a raw chocolate or even vegan chocolate, although, IT IS!  I endeavor to introduce people to a whole food raw cacao base (chocolate) that has not been excessively  heated or roasted so the depth and weight of the chocolate is easily available and recognizable as superior in every way.  There is NO white sugar. Chocked full of whole organic ingredients, I consider AmaiRaw as the best chocolate for anyone, everyone and anytime!


Written by Janice Morris — February 16, 2013