No Junk in My Trunk!!

Mini Haul from Farmer's Market's ...Never hesitate or skimp on raw organic fruit consumption for the win!  Often I grate an AmaiRaw Creamy Coconut Bar over good!!


Written by Janice Morris — June 26, 2016

Another Satisfied Amai Raw Customer!!

What an upbeat smiling reflection!! This is what we like to see!!!  Other Avenues a San Francisco worker owned Coop in the Sunset District posted this on their "Favorite Things" and happy Amai Raw is included!!

Written by Janice Morris — January 13, 2016

Roasting peanuts and allergic reactions? This article is well worth investigating.  For the die hard peanut allergic folks, I doubt roasting vs not roasting won't have a barring on whether you can eat them or not.  All peanuts used in two Amai Raw products are wild Jungle Peanuts an heirloom organic variety straight from the Amazon. These peanuts are creamier in texture and so easily digested, we think they are superior in every way toeven the best organic raw peanut sold.  

For those peanut allergic folks, no worries, we have plenty other products we are sure you will enjoy!

Written by Janice Morris — October 22, 2014

New images on our site.

Thanks to Madelene Farin a highly skilled San Francisco Photographer we have new images. 

Working with Madelene was easy, efficient and I am thoroughly pleased with her true to life representation of my products.  I love her blogspot found below. Thanks Madelene!!

Written by Janice Morris — March 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Whether you have a Valentine or not, Amai Raw Chocolate, which for some, is a staple year round, but especially at Valentine's Day!

As mentioned Amai Raw is "appearing" on  Loop and Tie is such an innovative and efficient way to give a gift and be assured your recipient will receive what delights them, cause they pick it out for themselves!

Amai Raw Chocolate is my Love Letter to YOU!

Written by Janice Morris — January 30, 2014

Amai Raw Offered on

We are so excited to have our chocolates offered on the Loop and Tie gift gallery.   Loop and Tie is an innovative and oh, so practical, way of gift giving.  Instead of the buyer purchasing on behalf of the recipient, the recipient can go to a gallery of fabulous gifts (like our chocolates) and choose what appeals to them.  I love the idea of being able to pick out what I would like to have, but not pay for it!! Who doesn't like that?!/25-gifts/Amai-CaraMaca/!/25-gifts/Amai-Coconut-Bars/!/25-gifts/Amai-Peanut-Butter-Cups/

Written by Janice Morris — January 22, 2014

Paleo Friendly!!!

Some of our products are loved by the Paleo folks!  Tostada Brackers, Cardamom Sesame Apple Fig Brackers ingredients fall under the paleo acceptable category. There is not only, no gluten in Brackers, there is no grain, no soy, no nuts and no oils.   "CaraMaca"  from our Amai Raw Chocolate collection is suitable as well.

While all Amai Health Products are vegan, our ingredients are very much in line with paleo principles.  Our products are vegan plant derived, never containing grain of any kind.  With the exception of animal products to some degree we are more consistent with the intent of paleo then perhaps, vegan junk food, packed with sodium, wheat, and soy and who knows what else!


Written by Janice Morris — November 12, 2013