Often when out and about at different venues, when I speak to customers face to face, they often refer to Amai Raw Chocolate as "candy". My immediate reaction is well, not really.  I guess candy in the sense of a treat or something delicious to eat, reserved, perhaps, for a special occasion, but truthfully, many customers (myself included here) eat Amai Raw Chocolate as part of their daily diet. If I want sustained energy all I have to do is eat a Sundried Chocolate Dipped Banana (or two or three) or a CaraMaca and I can go for hours!  Amai Raw Chocolate is whole food in every sense of the word. I can't live on "candy" but I sure go the distance with Amai Raw.  These creations were meant to utilize and convert the cacao bean into a deliciously palatable "superfood" in every sense of the word.

Written by Janice Morris — March 13, 2013

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