I love pine nuts If one is a vegan ..they can be easily manipulated into so many dishes to create the essence and flavor of butter. For our Amai Raw Chocolate I am only willing to use domestic and often wild crafted pine nuts. One will be hard pressed to find organic pine nuts. I have recently discovered organic pine nuts from China but have opted out of purchasing them. In this instance I am not as concerned with organic as I am with freshness and the certainty the pine nuts have been stored in a cool or cold environment to preserve the fragile oils in the nut. I have gone to great lengths and expense to get high quality domestically grown pine nuts. .Each season the question is "will there be enough domestic pine nuts available to make our CaraMacaMel variety of Amai Raw Chocolate throughout the year?"  So far, so good!   
As far as purchasing and storing pine nuts, be sure whomever you buy your nuts from has them in a cooler and the appearance of the nut is more whitish creamy color without being yellow..If they are yellow and if they have been hanging on shelves (for who knows, how long?) I would venture to say there is the chance they are rancid or on their way to being rancid. Store your pine nuts in the fridge or freezer and of course attempt to use them in their raw state. 

Written by Janice Morris — November 13, 2012

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