Well...I have been a little more educated on the recently (NOT) passed Prop.37..From what I understand they were on the right course but the details and technicalities were too convoluted to effect a YES vote across the board.  I understand how folks were influenced to vote No and as suspected, people actually were instilled with fear of even larger food costs..  The way  Prop.37 was outlined, even if it did pass, could have been unnecessarily burdensome on small business owners. That aspect and apparently the wording and structure of the Proposition would not have done, in my mind,what it was meant to do. It seems that the big corporate GMO loving folks would have been able to side step the basic disclosure of existence of GMO in their products with a loophole of vague communication on labels.. What I would love to see is a very basic YES or NO statement and disclosure. Either GMO elements are in the food or not , case closed, end of story. Nothing lofty, just as Joe Friday from Dragnet used to say, "Just the facts,Ma'm"  Well if we're breathing their is still hope! This is not the end of the story.  I believe there will be another and even better designed Proposition where our NO GMO sentiments will have a voice and be effective.

Written by Janice Morris — November 09, 2012

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