I almost cannot believe it! Are people totally mad? Did the mandatory labeling of GMO foods bill not pass cause voters actually believed their food costs would go up?  I am baffled..I realize big business like General Mills, Hershey, Coca-Cola Company, Smuckers ,Cargil went to great lengths and expense to influence voters. I guess it worked. One television ad against Proposition 37 had a pretty sick looking fat Medical Doctor (spokesman) who said Prop 37 was scientifically flawed and if passed, would be costly to consumers. Every time I saw this ad I thought "surely people can look at this guy and realize he doesn't have a clue about health"?

I have to hand it to the owner of Earthbeam Natural Foods a very long standing "health" store in Burlingame CA. Weeks ago David removed all "seemingly " healthy products from his shelves who are owned by some of the above named corporations.He calls these companies "GMO lovers"  His stance is, if you support these companies in anyway are supporting the use of GMO's as these companies all support and use GMO. He replaced products from these companies with similar products but from companies with a conscience. I was surprised to find a product I use regularly (San Pelligrino water for one) is owned by Nestle. You might be surprised to know Kashi is owned by Smuckers, Arrowhead (water) Nestle, Honest Tea (Coca Cola) Smart Water (Coca Cola) Dagoba (Hershey) and here is one most people don't know, Lara Bar (General Mills) .if you are in support of the vision of Prop.37 but continue to purchase products from these companies, aren't you feeding their GMO coffers?  I think perhaps the only immediate  way to effectively influence these massive conglomerates is by not purchasing any of their products.  

Well not much to do at this point but be even more scrupulous in my purchasing and sourcing of ingredients.. I buy almost all my personal produce at local Farmers Markets, Whole Foods, and Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. The raw ingredients for Amai Raw are all Organic or Wildcrafted and GMO free 

Written by Janice Morris — November 07, 2012

> > Proposition 37 in California DID NOT PASS (?!!?)