Hello! Welcome! I have spent months trying to get this site up for you and I was beginning to think it would never happen!! So, I am particularly glad to finally be able to share with you what I do and what we have to offer you!

I have been making raw vegan food for a long time and have fed many people. Amai Raw Chcocolate and Brackers! are just another form of expression of what can be done with superior organic raw ingredients.  I love raw food and it's endless applications,and I really love when, people you, "get what I am doing" and love my food too!! AmaiRaw Chocolate and Brackers! are so beyond anything "out there" it is hard to convey,with words, what the taste, texture and quality is is simply, an experience

Something has to happen when I start to play around with combinations of flavors, textures and ingredients. If I don't get ecstatic and find it hard to stop eating what I have made(cause it is SO good) You are never going to see it. So everything starts with me. If I love it, then, I want to share it with others!  It all starts with a new idea, lots of incredible whole raw ingredients, enthusiasm, a bit of trial and error until I reach what I am looking for ..Perfection!!!

From Scratch With Love, Janice

For those of you in the Northern CA area..this Saturday October 27, We will be guest artisans at the amazingly gorgeous Williams-Sonoma Walnut Creek Noon-4 P.M for sampling and selling of Brackers! and AmaiRaw Chocolate..Hope to see you there!

Amai Raw Chocolate and Brackers! can be found in the No.CA area at Rainbow Grocery Cooperative, Other Avenues, Earthbeam and Oceana Market (Pacifica)

Written by Janice Morris — October 17, 2012

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